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100 unit of GTBZ-AE(Battery Drive) series products has been finished
Released time:2015-06-18 14:02:41
Recently, a good news coming from Dingli that the 100 unit of GTBZ-AE(Battery Drive) series products has been finished. It is original design self-propelled articulating aerial work platform.
GTBZ-AE consists of GTBZ16AE and GTBZ18AE and the max working height is 18m. The machine is solid, durable, safe and reliable which has been acknowledged by CE the most strict safety certification of Europe, Dingli does the best to ensure the operation safety for every user.
The power of GTBZ-AE series products is supplied by 420Ah high capacity battery, providing the long duration work, eco-friendly and quiet.The drive system of this machine adopts the advanced technology of AC motor drive design. It is better than the traditional DC motor drive, energy economic and super drive capacity.  Electronic control system is Can-Bus which is the most popular in Europe and America, simple design and superior performance. The fault diagnosis system is high intellectualized, easy to understand and maintenance. Non-marking foam filled rough terrain tires is the standard equipment, it is suitable for outside complicated working situation as well inside working situation like wood floor and tile floor etc..                                                                                    

GTBZ-AE series products have been tested for a long time and all the indicators have satisfied the requirement of design. We have a good feedback from our customers that the durability and humanization has achieved the world first-class level. The machine is well received by customers all over the world and the demand has been increasing since the machine has been launched.


Having the guidance of national strategies“Made in China 2025” and “One Belt One Road”, Dingli will take the advantage of technology and research & develop the new products with world quality to serve customers all over the world. With the growing of China national strength and the overall transformation of manufacture industry, Zhejiang Dingli will create a better and brighter tomorrow with the advanced technology.
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