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2015 Dingli exhibition on INTERMAT of France growing vigorously
Released time:2015-04-23 13:49:15
The 2015 INTERMAT exhibition has been on for 3 days and the booth of Dingli is still surrounded by the rental companies and agents of Europe. In addition to the warm congratulation to the successful listing of Dingli, they also have great interested in our new products and our salesmen are too busy to have lunch. It is indispensable tradition to release new products during big international exhibition and following paragraphs will introduce these interesting new products this year.

1、GTBZ24S of Zhejiang Dingli is a boom aerial work platform and the max working height is 24s,adopting the design of two arms.

2、AMWP11.5-8100 of Zhejiang Dingli is the mast aerial work platform and the max working height is 11.5m which is equipped with the world’s first automatic pothole protection system.

3、GTBZ16AE of Zhejiang Dingli is a articulating aerial work platform and the max working height is 16s which is equipped with AC drive motor.

4、Holland lift-27s is hybrid power scissor working platform.(The highest scissor platform in exhibition)
5、The lifting height of new model GTH4018 forklift of Genie is 17.5m and the maximum loading is 4tons.

6、The lifting height of TEUPEN-Leo24 is 24s and it is spider crawler platform.


7、26m height spider crawler of JLG-X26J Plus


8、ATN-10m crawler with mast aerial work platform


9、SKYJACK-SJ86T, a 28m working height of boom lift of aerial work platform

10、MANITOU-ManGo12, the engine installed in chassis, an articulating aerial work platform which working height is 12m.
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